Detailer Insider Secrets 2.0

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This program includes our proprietary suite of business sales & marketing automation training. Where you learn the tips and tactics to build a super successful business, on demand lead generation, systems & operations, social media management, reputation management, building referrals and more!

Detailer Insider Secrets 2.0

This will quickly and easily walk you straight to Higher Sales, Higher Profits for Your Business and a Better Easier Life For You ... GUARANTEED!

What You Receive:

The 'Operating Systems' module. The "Ins and Outs" of setting your business up for success at each and every stage of growth.

The ‘Marketing Foundations’ module where you’ll get an in-depth look at the core marketing principles that are being used by the top detailing business owners in the country to attract the best customers and be able to sell their services at higher prices than their competitors.

The ‘Marketing Tool Kit’ module. This marketing toolkit is filled with the exact marketing tools you’ll need to pack calendar.

The ‘Marketing Lab’! Think of this as the instruction manual for each and every tool in your new toolbox.

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When you invest in the

Detailer Insider Secrets 2.0 program,
you also get these VALUABLE BONUSES…


We’ll Hop On The Phone Together And I’ll Design A Customized Plan Just For You

I’ll be there to personally help you to put together a customized plan specifically for your shop that will help transform your shop into a car count-getting machine. First, I’ll ask you some questions help me better understand your wants, needs, and unique situation, and then I’ll devise a killer plan, just for you, that will start putting more cars in your bays right away. (Chances are real good that this one conversation alone will result in making at least 5 TIMES(!) your investment back on this program within the next few weeks! - More on that small investment is coming up soon.)


My Team & I Will Personally Perform An
“Online Performance Audit” For You

As the saying goes, “Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.” What I’ve found is that most shop owners are way too close to their situation and can’t see all of the fatal flaws that are keeping customers away when a prospect finds them online. It’s like 2 Columnhaving a sales-prevention department working 24/7 against you, yet no one is paying attention to it!

We’ll personally dive deep into the cyberspace and check out your website, reviews, rankings, reputation, and much more so that you can uncork this clogged pipeline and then watch a whole new source of customers flow into your shop! (And yes, the Detailer Insider Secrets 2.0 course is filled with the information you need to boost your website, reviews, rankings, online reputation and more!)


I should mention, these two bonuses have REAL value to you. I’m most likely the highest paid consultant in the entire auto industry, charging daily fees of up to $10,000.00 per day, so the time I’ll be personally working with you has a real-world value of over $2000.00, but because I want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, I’m happy to invest my personal time in your success.


Success Systems "Jump Start Kit"

  • Goal Setting Workshop

  • ​Business Success Assessment 

  • ​Strategic Planning Guide 

  • ​10 Success Secrets Book 

  • ​8 Marketing Mistakes Guide

  • ​Application to Automation 

  • ​Ultimate Time Management Tactics 

  • ​Online Downloadable Access